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Our Community Impact

The Church of Trenton stands as an unmistakable Christian witness that is responsive to the needs of the people and the changing dynamics of the times, and a Church that is a beacon of hope and love, bringing people to lead holy, vibrant, Christ-centered Catholic lives.

Join the Catholic Advocacy Network

The Catholic Advocacy Network is intended to familiarize users with legislative issues and social action needs communicated by the national and state bishops’ conferences or other authoritative Church agencies. It is a centralized source of information giving “alerts” on current issues and events.

The Network will provide links to additional sites and articles for further education, in-depth review and action steps. It offers Catholics the ability to read about issues, grasp key message points, send a letter-to-the-editor to their local newspaper and/or communicate concerns or thanks to their state representative, senator and/or governor.

“Alerts” are sent out when a legislative decision is expected, or when immediate action is needed; points at which your involvement will have the greatest impact.

Calls for Advocacy >>>
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Loving our neighbor and advancing the kingdom of God means working to change unjust systems, to lift the burden of poverty, and to preserve the life and dignity of every human person.

Issues and Action

As Catholics, we are part of a community with a rich heritage that helps us consider the challenges in public life and contribute to greater justice and peace for all people.


We need your help in what is one of the most important things we can do as a Church: to hand on our faith to the next generation...donate today!


Put your faith into action! God has created you in his own image, with a loving heart and a unique set of talents that can help others. No matter what your interests, you can make a difference if you are willing to share your time. How will you serve?


From a few simple, heartfelt words of thanks, or a cry for help, to the celebration of the Mass, prayer in all its forms is part of the rich tradition of our Catholic faith that gives life to our relationship with God.

The Catholic Diocese of Trenton, 701 Lawrenceville Road, Trenton, NJ 08648