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Department of Administrative Services

The Department of Administrative Services works to serve more than 5,000 employees working within the Diocese of Trenton, including the parishes, schools and Catholic agencies spread across Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and the Diocesan Chancery in Lawrenceville.

The goal of our office is to provide excellent service relating to:

  • Human Resources
  • Employee Benefits
  • Risk Management
  • Building Management and Security

Human Resources

The Human Resource department is dedicated to serving all current and future employees of the Diocese of Trenton. The fair and equitable treatment of all workers is essential to the mission of our office. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that all policies are thoroughly documented and comply with all laws and regulations. We work almost exclusively as consultants to make certain that the 3,000 employees of the Diocese are managed effectively in the many important roles that they fill.

Contact Information:

Joseph Bianchi, SPHR
Phone: (609) 403-7208

Angela Gitto
Phone: (609) 403-7164

Employee Benefits website

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits are a critical component of the compensation package provided to eligible employees of the Diocese of Trenton. The diocese is committed to upholding the philosophies of the Church by ensuring justice and the recognition of the personal rights of our employees. One way in which we recognize the contributions of our employees is through offering a competitive benefits package. This comprehensive benefits package includes health and life insurance, prescription drug insurance, dental insurance, short and long term disability insurance, and a pension plan for employees. Visit to log into the employee benefits website.

Contact Information:
Erica Armitage 
Phone: (609) 403-7219

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Risk Management

Risk Management ensures that the assets of the Diocese of Trenton, its parishes and institutions are properly protected from loss. As such, a comprehensive insurance program is in place which addresses the areas of general liability, automobile, property and workers' compensation.

Contact Information:
Joseph Bianchi, SPHR
Phone: (609) 403-7208

Building Management and Security

Facilities Management and Security enables us to ensure that the work environment at the Pastoral Center is safe and conducive to productivity. In addition to the safety and comfort of our employees, the Diocese of Trenton is also committed to reducing our impact on the environment. After conducting energy studies at the Pastoral Center, we adopted a multi-faceted plan that helps to manage energy consumption and efficiently eliminate waste.

Contact Information:
Michael Corgan
Phone: (609) 403-7214

The Catholic Diocese of Trenton, 701 Lawrenceville Road, Trenton, NJ 08648