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Office of Canonical Services and Tribunal

The Office of Canonical Services/Tribunal is the office established by the Bishop to assist with matters related to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, especially those related to Marriage and the other Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

The Office of Canonical Services provides Canonical Services for persons entering marriage and for questions related to Canon Law in general and Sacraments in particular.

The Office of the Tribunal assists persons to determine their status, or vindicate their rights, in the Catholic Church. Most of its service is directed to divorced persons who want to remarry in the Church or who seek to have the Church accept their current union as valid.

For more information on:

  • a marriage case you submitted to the Trenton Tribunal
  • an annulment or dissolution case to which you are a party
  • a possible annulment or dissolution request by your former spouse
  • a petition you sent to the Trenton Tribunal that was returned to you

Please telephone, write or e-mail the Office of Tribunal. Information about our cases is confidential and its release is limited.

The Catholic Diocese of Trenton, 701 Lawrenceville Road, Trenton, NJ 08648